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About us

We truly believe the best is yet to come for your company. How so?

Innovation and emerging technologies are our passion. And even more so, designing paths into the future that leverage the potential both bring to established companies as well as start-ups. 

BTW: We don’t believe in lengthy “strategic” projects. And neither should you.

Trends & Topics

Working on Tomorrow’s Success

Do you find it challenging to re-orientate your company for future success? Or figure out which path to take? Wonder what all those tech buzzwords mean? Or how they apply to your company?

Suddenly, what worked in the past doesn’t anymore. As we enter a new phase in an even more connected, digitized and intertwined global economy, there seem to be no easy answers.

The good news is: There is no time like the present, especially in challenging times. We help you make sense of future trends, emerging technologies and how they apply to your company. Jointly, we define a clear path forward. Finally innovate with confidence!

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Biometrics
  • Blockchain
  • Extended Reality (AR, XR, VR)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • 3D Printing
  • 5G
  • Accelerator Building
  • Business Model Generation
  • Company Building
  • Futurism & Foresight
  • Innovation Capabilities
  • Intra- & Entrepreneurship
  • Value Proposition Design
Latest News & Articles

From our blog.

Decentralization, accountability, and shared sources of truth

In 1991, social scientist and Nobel laureate Herbert Simon invited us to participate in a somewhat alien-sounding thought experiment. Imagine an extraterrestrial observing human behavior with a special telescope. Instead of showing us as we are, the telescope allows the observer to recognize social structures: organizations appear as green blobs, interactions between organizations as a network of red lines between the blobs.

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Thinking futures in interesting times

As we navigate times of great uncertainty and people are worrisome about the future, we need to dedicate resources to think about the future in ways that help us envision possibilities and put people first. Here are some thoughts on how to get there.

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FutureSketch: The conflict over the New Silk Road as an accelerator

FutureSketches by Visionary Labs are condensed reflections on the future based on current developments. They are intended as intellectual stimuli and as an invitation to conduct a deeper analysis, to examine your company’s future path and to derive broader scenarios. In our current FutureSketch, we look at possible developments in the global economy in the context of the New Silk Road.

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