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Bridging the Gap between Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
Innovation is stalling within traditional line organizations. Innovation funnels and startup engagement have become crucial elements of a comprehensive growth strategy. However, doubts remain if the expenditures into such programs can be recouped down the road.

Entrepreneurship is characterized by the pursuit of a big idea. By taking controlled risks while embracing ambiguity and uncertainty. In terms of both, organization as well as product. 

Enterprises on the other hand are characterized by a need for (perceivedpredictability. And by (relative) stability in terms of organizational setup, revenues and products they offer. 

When it comes to innovation and intrapreneurship, those two distinct worlds need to be bridged for continued success.

We have designed and implemented innovation funnels for multiple clients. And we have identified the pitfalls and stumbling blocks of unsuccessful programs.

In our experience, successful innovation funnels come down to three building blocks: 

  1. team composition, innovation culture & organizational setup  
  2. process design & success metrics 
  3. execution & expectation management


When it comes to intrapreneurship and incubators, decision points and processes are often poorly designed. This leads to pursuit of middle of the road opportunities. When actually high-risk, high-reward ventures should be the focus.  

In contrast, the middle of the road approach is not a problem for most start-ups. But there is significant demand for proven yet flexible processes to be established. And for questions about the business model to be answered. 

We guide clients in the strategy formation and in the fine-tuning of these processes. With the goal of implementing a fast, flexible, and rewarding innovation funnel. Here again, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, but rather individual solutions.

In a nutshell, this is what you get :


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