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Executive Coaching

Pathfinding for the long haul
We understand how hard it can be for you – the person at the top – to answer all the questions about your organization’s future path. Especially in a dynamic environment and while managing its day-to-day

We don’t believe in long-term “strategic” projects. In our view the role of a consultant is to provide a novel perspective and to find the best path forward. Not to stick around as long as possible. 

As a slight modification of this principle, clients have asked us for longer engagements. In response we developed our executive coaching services as a light-touch form of staying a little longer to e.g. see out the implementation of important initiatives, provide a format for regular Q&A regarding emerging topics or to review innovation initiatives (just to name a few). 

 Think of us as a soundboard. While topic and goal of our engagement are flexible, the underlying principle is not: We’re there when you need us. And gone when you don’t. We only engage when we’re called in and focus on decision points, contingencies, dependencies, and general sticking points that tend to delay the crucial decisions.

In a nutshell, this is what you get :


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