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Pathfinder Studio

Bridging the Gap between Now and a Preferred Future for Your Company
The rules of the markets are changing. And along with them, our assumptions about the near and long-term future have to change.

Companies and organizations who want to survive in the long-term, must evolve and embrace new approaches, ideas and thought patterns. And most importantly: Analyzing and relying on just one path for the future isn’t enough. You’ll need multiple.

Like you, your company is unique. Accordingly, one size fits all approaches and groupthink won’t help when defining its future. That’s why common planning and innovation approaches fail on a regular basis. The result: Undistinguishable positioning, intense competition and diminishing margins. In short: You get what everybody else gets. 

Combine that with the rising threat of recession, increasing resource constraints, climate change and digitization. Now you’ve got yourself the perfect storm. That is why we like to approach things differently. 

Our Pathfinder workshop is a flexible format to help you find your path into a preferred future. During our workshop, we will jointly figure out… 

  • what’s going onidentify the most important trends and influencing factors for your industry and your company 
  • what that could lead toevaluate their disruption and innovation potential, create multiple futures based on combinations of these factors 
  • what could get in the wayuncover obstructive blockades, thought patterns and path dependencies 
  • what a preferred future looks like: create an opportunity map of your undiscovered futures and opportunities that go beyond the present future that everybody else thinks about
  • what needs to be done: define concrete and pragmatic actions, such as innovations, process optimizations and organizational changes 
In a nutshell, this is what you get :


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