About us

The story behind Visionary Labs

Where we come from

Innovating with confidence and finding a new path can be tough. We know that first-hand.

Our core team has more than 60 years of combined experience investigating new technologies and understanding how they translate into value drivers for established companies as well as start-ups.

So far, we have successfully built:

  • Exciting new businesses
  • Fast-paced innovation units, accelerators and intrapreneurship programs
  • Thriving technology transfer programs
  • Fast-growing new business units and product portfolios

And we don’t intend to stop there. Now we would like to share our knowledge and insights with you.

A very influential part of our past journey, we experienced together: We met at the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam, Germany, one of the world’s most acclaimed corporate innovation units (the press’ words, not ours). There we experienced the pressures emergent ideas have to suffer first-hand – within our customers’ organizations as well as within our own. This was the first time we felt the need to do things differently.

In addition to being exposed to a broad array of technology topics, we had the privilege of working with customers of various sizes and industries. Some of our services were strictly limited to a very select group of companies – SAP’s platinum customers. Keen to help even more companies out there and to draw from a bigger pool of solutions to our clients’ problems, we founded Visionary Labs.

Our previous experience taught us that the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs and enterprises (regardless of size) make, is to limit their search field when thinking about innovation. They don’t map out multiple potential paths, but confine themselves to what they can readily observe. This is usually a linear projection of the situation they are caught up in at the moment.

Our solution is a set of pathfinding tools  which help companies envision and explore paths beyond their field of vision. With the goal to gain the right knowledge and make the right investments into the right technologies at the right time. And not to get sidelined by disruptions in their technological, social or economic environment.

Our core team

Who we are

In addition, we bring in other hand-picked experts, game changers and mavericks on a project basis.

Our approach

What we stand for

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    Hands-on curiosity
    We are action-takers and love the fact that there are millions of new ideas and opportunities arising every day. Let’s understand and make the most of them. Together.
    No "single" solution
    We believe in diversity. Both in terms of teams as well as ideas, solutions and scenarios. We try hard to provide you with the richest set of ideas possible for you to choose from.
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    Divergent thinking
    We like to approach and do things a little differently. Traditional approaches have only gotten us so far. Time to shift gears. The best things happen outside the comfort zone.
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    Passion & risk-taking
    Innovation and emerging technologies are our passion. Leveraging them brings huge potential and – like all things worth doing – is not without a certain risk. We embrace it.
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    Teamwork & respect
    We come from a diverse set of backgrounds. And like it that way, since we are convinced this yields the best results. Regardless of where you come from, your opinion deserves to be heard.
What you get

Why work with us

  • number 1
    Pathfinding - a new approach
    We help future-proofing your company. Through our unique approach you are able to leave the paths trodden by and filled with competition. Tap into new markets, innovate with confidence and become resilient in the face of uncertainty.
  • number 2
    Clear focus on the essentials
    We like to keep things light-weight: We focus on delivering you tangible insights as quickly as possible and in an easy to consume, human-centric format. Equally important, we don’t linger: We’re there when you need us. And gone when you don’t.
  • number 3
    Services designed for you
    Your needs as an entrepreneur in dynamic times are our polestar. As a result, we provide flexible engagement models which allow you to start in one area and seamlessly move on into another one after that. But you don’t have to.
What you don't get from us. Ever.

How we are different

  • scale
    No "one size fits all"
    We truly believe your company is unique. And that you need to leave the trodden path to make a difference. Accordingly, we will tailor our engagement to your needs. From the way we engage to the assets we create.
  • long-term
    No sticky engagements
    We don’t believe in lengthy strategic projects. Our goal isn’t to stay with you for the longest possible period of time. But rather to have the biggest impact in the shortest time possible.
  • discuss-issue
    No buzzword bingo
    We are here to impress you. But not with fancy buzzwords. We like to keep things real, easy to understand and tangible. No matter the format.


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