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AI Innovation for the Digital Age

We help news, media and online dating platforms increase customer satisfaction, run more efficiently and seize new revenue opportunities.

With the amount of “unstructured” rich media growing at an exponential rate, text and tags-based search can only get you so far. We help you and your customers to unlock the potential of pictures.

Currently, we provide computer vision-based solutions in the areas of profile picture verification and biometric search.

What does that mean for you?

No more time-consuming and costly manual verification of new profile pics. Our intelligent solutions help to make sure only those pictures make it, which fulfill certain criteria like presence of a face, authenticity (no fake profiles using celebrity pictures) or absence of email addresses, phone numbers or social media handles. This increases compliance with your guidelines and significantly reduces the time it takes for profiles to be verified.

In addition, you can use our  biometric algorithms to index pictures or videos for search. This allows you to find persons in your data based on similarity. Our customers have used this search technology for the following use cases:


Find a person in a data set for research / journalistic purposes.

A picture is used as input and our system will provide you with a list of your media, where this person or a similar looking person appears.  It is not necessary to know the name of the person you are looking for nor does that person have to be tagged in your data. Our search is solely based on facial characteristics.

Enable users of your platform to search for other users based on looks.

Allow your users to upload pictures of their dream partner to find similar looking profiles. This creates new revenue opportunities (if you choose to bill them separately as premium services) as well as improved customer satisfaction.

What does that mean for your users / customers?

Shorter waiting times, new, innovative ways to find content and possibly the partner of their dreams and overall improved satisfaction.

Don’t be the one who denies them this improved experience.

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